4 points you need to pay attention to when buying outdoor furniture

4 points you need to pay attention to when buying outdoor furniture

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When the weather warms up, patios and patios can be your place to relax. First, they increase your overall usable space, and second, these places give you relaxation and more fun. At this time, you may need to buy some outdoor furniture. The steps for buying outdoor furniture are almost the same as for indoor furniture, but there are some other considerations.

1. Weather factor

The weather is hot and dry where you are? Or cool and damp? All of these are important questions to answer before choosing outdoor furniture. that's why? Hot, dry conditions can crack wood; cool and humid conditions can also oxidize and rust steel over time. You have to understand the properties of these materials, otherwise they will be consumed quickly.

Nowadays, many products change the material in order to lower the price. Generally speaking, aluminum is more expensive than iron, but the stability of aluminum material is the best in complex weather changes, so when you choose outdoor furniture, you can't just stare at it. Price, but also pay more attention to the material of the product, whether it can withstand the test of the weather.

2. Spatial factor

You need to think about how much space there is and how it will be shaped. Is it a long and narrow balcony or a wide terrace? Make sure you have enough space around your furniture to be able to walk comfortably. Once you've settled on this, you also need to know the shape and size of your furniture and whether it can pass through the door you enter and leave the room and into your balcony or patio.

In smaller spaces, a dining table may be better than a regular dining table because the dining table is narrower and stools take up less space than chairs. You might also look at cafe or bistro tables and chairs, as they have a smaller overall footprint.

3. Is the location reasonable?

Is your patio exposed to the sun? Will your furniture be placed on soft grass, or on a hard surface like a wooden deck or paved patio? With these questions, it can help you choose furniture that is more suitable for you.

Do not place cork furniture such as pine on loose turf surfaces and exposed areas. Moisture in the ground can cause wood to rot, and moisture can also cause some metals to corrode. If there is too much sun, consider using an outdoor umbrella for shade.

4. Comfort

What kind of outdoor furniture can relax and use comfortably. If your chair doesn't have a cushion, you can buy or make your own cushions and pillows. Just be sure to use quality outdoor fabrics that are fade and mildew resistant. If you're not going to use them outdoors during the colder months, store them to prolong their life.

Rocking chairs and lounge chairs are also great for relaxing outdoors. Be sure to try out the furniture before buying. For stretching, you can also look at hammocks and daybeds.

What should I do when the outdoor furniture encounters a rainy day?

As we all know, ordinary tables and chairs must be quickly retracted indoors or covered when it rains. If no one happens to be at home, they will suffer.

Prolonged rain will make the cushions and cushions of the furniture wet. Poor quality is also prone to mold. The biggest worry of many people before buying outdoor furniture is that what to do with the outdoor furniture placed in the yard and terrace when it rains accidentally, will the sofa become damp and moldy if it gets wet? However, when these problems are placed on outdoor furniture, how will it be different?

Outdoor furniture does not have such troubles. The cushions of outdoor furniture are made of fabrics with excellent waterproof and breathability.

Secondly, waterproof fabrics can also prevent dirt and mildew, but waterproof fabrics cannot make the entire cushion waterproof, zippers, needle holes Rainwater will infiltrate into the interior, so outdoor furniture has higher requirements on the filling of cushions and cushions.

Outdoor furniture also considers this situation, so the cushions in outdoor furniture are filled with quick-drying cotton, which has higher performance of moisture-proof and moisture-proof. Therefore, it has always been favored by designers in the field of outdoor furniture. Compared with ordinary sofa-filled sponges, quick-drying cotton can quickly leak water and restore dryness. Even if it is accidentally wetted by rain, it only needs to be dried in the sun for 2-3 hours, and it will not affect the outdoor furniture at all. quality of use.

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