How to choose outdoor furniture

How to choose outdoor furniture

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As people pay more attention to balcony decoration, outdoor furniture has also begun to be frequently used in open balconies. However, the styles of outdoor furniture are different, making people overwhelmed and not knowing how to choose: there is no way to tell where the furniture is placed; when purchasing, pay more attention to details, and what pits can be avoided? Let me find out with you all!

Choose your outdoor furniture by style
From the perspective of furniture selection, people have higher and higher requirements for furniture aesthetics and stricter sense of experience. Outdoor furniture is no exception. It should not only be practical, but also have the task of high appearance and home decoration. Judging from many items, many outdoor furniture are very design, but when matched, they are nondescript. Why? Do you really know the style of outdoor furniture? How can we make the combination of outdoor furniture and home decoration both practical and beautiful? You must start with the outdoor furniture style first!

Design styles can be divided into: traditional style, modern style, post-modern style, natural style and mixed style. Many people are mixed with a variety of styles, but in the end their own mix and match styles are not satisfactory. After understanding the style and material selection, when choosing outdoor furniture, you can determine the material according to the overall decoration style, and finally choose your favorite products from it. Style and material matching table.

In this way, it will not make outdoor furniture and home decoration look "unmatched", especially balconies and terraces, which are more closely related to the style of home decoration, and outdoor furniture must be adapted to their original style in order to complement each other.

Choose outdoor furniture from placement
The main materials of outdoor furniture are: metal, wood, rattan, plastic, etc. There are advantages between several materials, you can start from the placement position and choose according to your needs.

If the furniture is placed on a soft lawn, do not choose furniture with a cork frame. Cork will absorb moisture and cause damage to the frame. If it is a hard floor, furniture with cork frame can be chosen. There are no umbrellas in the outdoor area, and it is exposed to direct sunlight. Choosing iron furniture will be more resistant to exposure than wood furniture. In areas that are often wet and rainy, plastic outdoor furniture may be a good choice.

In the face of outdoor furniture selection, what minefields need our attention?
Don't use indoor furniture as outdoor furniture
Some consumers find upholstered furniture comfortable, similar to sofas, and also place it in places such as terraces and balconies. In fact, upholstered furniture is not suitable for outdoor, because upholstered furniture is relatively delicate and should not be soaked in water, exposed to the sun, easy to rot, mildew and aging. Try not to use it, even when protected by a parasol. And once summer comes, the comfort of upholstered furniture begins to deteriorate. There are also cloth furniture with non-waterproof also try to avoid, if you want to increase the comfort, you can prepare a few waterproof pillows, which can be brought back to the house at any time.

Some pure solid wood furniture is not suitable for outdoor furniture because of wood. Outdoor furniture requires wood with high oil content, such as pine, fir, and teak. Using low oil content wood as outdoor furniture will seriously shorten the life of the furniture. And the level of anti-corrosion treatment of solid wood outdoor furniture is higher than that of ordinary furniture, so you should not use ordinary furniture as outdoor furniture for cheap.

Beware of inferior quality! Pay attention to details when buying
Depending on the material, be careful when purchasing outdoor furniture.

1.Look at the details
No matter what kind of material it is, it depends on whether the details are rough, whether there are gaps at the joints, whether there is paint or coating, and whether there is uneven coating and cracking. If it is possible, you have already bought inferior outdoor furniture.

Use your nose to smell if there is any odor, especially outdoor wooden furniture and plastic outdoor furniture. If the odor is large, try not to buy it, and be alert to formaldehyde, sulfur and aniline substances that are harmful to the body.

3.Prevent shoddy charging
Especially in solid wood outdoor furniture, it is easy to have counterfeit goods. The practice of imitating high-end wood with low-priced wood, such as teak, is often impersonated. Everyone needs to keep their eyes open and vigilant.

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